Social media addiction and choisesmaking

The reasons I do things now:

  1. To be cool
  2. To be beautiful
  3. To get joy
  4. To have an aestetic
  5. To be perfect
  6. To meet expectations

The reasons I want things to be done:

  1. To be happy
  2. To express myself
  3. To improve myself and to invest in my future
  4. To build a great community
  5. To try something new
  6. To stay healthy and sustainable

It’s time to speak about the number 3. “To get joy”

Have you ever noticed that now you don’t enjoy things that you were supposed to enjoy? I have. This time I’m trying to be happy, but every moment that was supposed to be magical, becomes usual. I don’t feel magic anymore, all I can do — to fake.

What am I going to do?

If I say that I will delete SM, I will lie. I simply can’t do it, because it is how I keep in touch with my friends (i mean dms, not stories and posts).


Pinterest scrolling = Looking on real people on the streets

The mantra of the day;)



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